Z's Phototastic | Amy
63 photos

All photos are available for purchase through email jodi91769@hotmail.com or call me at 585-317-2101

$50.00 Sitting Fee Per Family

4 wallets $5.00
4x6 $3.00
5x7 $7.00
8x10 $10.00
10x13 $16.00
11x14 $20.00

CD of all photos $250.00 plus tax

If you wish to order prints please email the IMG # at the bottom of the picture and then call to be sure I received the email.

Image on CD wit Edit h copy-write is $20.00 each
8x10 img 9014-18x10 IMG 9015 -18x10 IMG_90148x10 IMG_90158x10 IMG_9023-18x10 IMG_90238x10 IMG_9025-18x10 IMG_90258x10 IMG_9026-18x10 IMG_90268x10 IMG_9027-18x10 IMG_90278x10 IMG_9030-18x10 IMG_90308x10 IMG_90318x10 IMG_90328x10 IMG_90338x10 IMG_90348x10 IMG_90368x10 IMG_9037